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001 c99 Shell PHP .txt? .rar
002 r57 Shell PHP .txt? .rar
003 Wso Shell PHP .txt? .rar
004 Alfa Shell PHP .txt? .rar
005 Zehir4 Shell ASP .txt? .rar
006 Mini Shell PHP .txt? .rar
007 Aspx Shell ASP .txt? .rar
008 c100 Shell PHP .txt? .rar

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A php webshell is unique in that a web browser is used to interact with it. A web shell could be programmed in any programming language that is supported on a server. Web shells are most commonly written in the PHP programming language due to the widespread usage of PHP for web applications.

What Is a c99 Shell ?

c99 shell is a very popular PHP web-shell. There are numerous C99 variants which infect vulnerable web application to give hackers a GUI. The shell lets the attacker take control of the server and also browse the file system, upload, edit, delete, view files and even change file permissions amongst other dangerous actions.

How Web Shells Work

You can download the C99 php shell, this shell is among the most robust sheller in the world. It is the most used and secure shelf that literally breaks through. With a simple interface, you can easily get to the server on the other side, and you can also get into the sql server section. This shell have different functions, such as brute force.

What Is a Wso Shell ?

wso shell is a favorite web shell among hackers because of its particularly powerful set of features. Password protection. Server information disclosure. File management features like uploading, downloading, or editing files, creating directories, browsing through directories, and searching for text in files.

PHP Web Shell Solevisible Alfa-Shell

A PHP web shell named alfa shell has been in circulation since 2013, appearing to originate in Iran. The shell has a plethora of features, such as SQL connection, port scanner, fake mail, hidden shell (WSO), CMS hijacker, mass defacer, etc

What Is a r57 Shell ?

The r57 shell backdoor is a popular & complex PHP web shell used by hackers to control the server after exploiting file upload vulnerabilities. It’s easily found online for malicious purposes and extensively used to infect websites.

What is a PHP web shell?

A php shell can be written in any language supported by the target web server. The most usually observed web shells are written in widely supported languages, such as PHP and ASP. Perl, Python, Ruby, and Unix shell scripts are also used.

Using network discovery tools, an adversary can identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited and result in the installation of a web shell. For example, these vulnerabilities may exist in content management systems (CMS) or Web server software.

Once the download is successful, an opponent can use the web shell to exploit other operating techniques to scale privileges and issue commands remotely.

These commands are directly related to the privileges and features available on the Web server and may include the ability to add, execute, and delete files, also has the ability to execute shell commands, additional executable scripts.